The Last One

I knew this journey was going to be a powerful one. The title of “The Holocaust Journey” assumes that the content is serious, but I think the greatest impact was personal. Travelling allows oneself to not only learn about the world, but learn about the individual. These last three weeks taught me more about history, humanity, respecting others, tolerance, and acceptance more than my last twenty-one years. Not only that, I did it with twenty-nine new friends and two awesome professors.

I have six million reasons to count my blessings and endless more questions about how such an event like the Holocaust could ever happen. How could people follow these heartless leaders? How can we honor those who lead efforts against this injustice? How can we lead the future so that we never experience this injustice and irrational judgments? I believe that it is our duty to remember these unresolved questions and lessons and continue to learn and grow from them.

This particular journey may have ended, but I do not consider it to be completed, but simply a beginning.

“Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.” –Elie Wiesel 


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