The One with the High-Fives

January 9: Today was really no different than that of our drive to Berlin. We all piled in the bus for our 7-8 hour drive to Warsaw. I think as a class, we were more worried about going to Poland than when we came to Germany. The language is very difficult and our perceptions of the country were desolate at best. For example, I remember in my AP Euro teacher telling my class that all he wanted to high-five a Polish person because their country has been through hell and back, and is still alive! If that’s not a depressing preconception, I don’t know what is.

Driving through the countryside was about the same as driving through Germany, expect it was actually snowy. We have been very spoiled with mild weather conditions, so I am excited to see what lies in our bundled-up futures.

We arrived in the early afternoon to a really nice hotel. How nice? The shower is uh-mazing and the view is spectacular. As ignorant as it may sound, I’m happy that my initial assumptions of the city have been challenged. Good job, Poland!

We topped-off the evening with some perogis, slap-happy journaling time, and some much needed sleep. It starts to get dark here around 3:30pm, so finally finding the covers was like finding a spring in the desert.



1 thought on “The One with the High-Fives

  1. I have enjoyed following your adventure and learning right along with you. I thought how impressive it would be it they had actual train rides that would mimic the trips taken by the Jews who were often more times than not being taken to their deaths. I am glas you had a wonderful birthday. I look forward to talking with you when you make it home. Love you. Aunt Teri

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